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Belated Birthday Thanks!

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from my favorite Lady of the Lawn, and long-time SPBXB reader/friend Dorothy Matich. She was asking me for my address because she had bought me a birthday present and she wanted to mail it to my house.

You may remember me posting this a few weeks ago, wherein I make a little half-suggestion that someone buy me the stamp for my upcoming birthday. Well Dorothy showed me and actually bought it for me! How do you like that?! I couldn’t believe it, that’s just about the nicest thing ever! Of course I couldn’t let her mail it to my house, instead I dropped by on the Ladies on their Lawn. Yes, that little thing in my hand is the tiniest little San Pedro stamp you have ever seen in your life. But it is mine and Dorothy Matich, Queen of the Lawn, bought it for me and I will treasure it forever! Thank you Dorothy, that’ll show me to make suggestions on the internet. In case anyone is wondering, there’s some money I’ve had my eye on for quite some time…(kidding!).