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First Sundays at The Muller House

Hello friends. I would like to introduce you to two people who I am a huge fan of. Doris Theriault is the new head of programming for the San Pedro Bay Historical Society (I know there’s an official title I can’t remember) and Bob Beck is her husband and the former longtime editor of our beloved News-Pilot. I met Doris and Bob at my second home, the historical archives, where we bonded over our mutual belief that San Pedro should have it’s own historical museum. Doris actually took a huge leap in the right direction by having the Muller House open every Sunday and creating the fabulous First Sunday Series. The First Sunday Series is a brand new oral history program where there’s a new subject and exhibit opened every month. SPBXB friends Dave Garcia (the bottle dig guy) and Bungy Hedley were the first two participants!

When they announced that this month’s subject was on the News-Pilot, I had to make a special trip to First Sunday.