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Question: Where do I take my kids for Halloween?

A good friend of mine recently moved back to town and asked “Where do I take my kids for Halloween?”. I’ll share my answers with all of you. There are so many great things to do in town these days that we should really consider changing our name to Fun Pedro. Here is the breakdown…

Saturday October 29th

POLA’s Happy Harbor Halloween – Noon to 3pm, Harbor Blvd Promenade between 3rd & 5th Streets

The Sea Scare at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium – 6-9pm


Sunday October 30th


HOWL at Angels Gate Cultural Center – 2-8pm

Dia De Los Muertos Celebration in Downtown San Pedro – 3-10pm


Monday October 31st


These next two events I learned about over at Grassroots Mama, a great blog for Pedro AND South Bay Moms.

Halloween at the Cabrillo Beach Batthouse – 3-7pm

Halloween Chiller at Peck Park – 3:30-7:30pm


All of the events listed above are free and family friendly. I hope everyone has a great Halloweekend!


One Response

  1. The Corner Store is another great place…they stay open late and invite all the Trick or Treaters in! It’s a great place for the parents too!

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