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Marymount is Paramount

In case you haven’t heard, San Pedro is now a college town thanks to California’s newest 4year learning establishment Marymount College. Yes, that Marymount from up on the hill. Not only have they doubled their accreditation, but they’re (more than) doubling their student body as well and that expansion is happening in San Pedro. They’ll be constructing a slew of buildings at the PV Drive North campus in the coming years but for now, the biggest change we’ll see will be at their “Waterfront Campus” in downtown’s main drag of 6th Street. The school has signed a 10yr lease for the entire first floor of the old Northrop building.

My favorite part about them moving into downtown is the purchase of the old Lad n Lassie store. The building was purchased by Marilyn & Chuck Klaus and gifted to the school. Marilyn & Chuck aren’t the only ones excited about Marymount’s new Pedro adventure.

Maybe you’ve seen these banners hanging above 6th street, welcoming Marymount College (I’m 95% sure I took the picture used on the banner). The banners are courtesy of PBID as were the trolley tours given during the orientation this weekend.

Classes start this week so we’ll see a lot of young new faces and the Marymount shuttles making the rounds. I’m really excited about it.


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